Khandesh College Education Society's
Dr. Kalam Skill Development Centre
C/O. KCE'S College Of Engineering And Information Technology, Jalgaon.
  Behind DIC, NH-6, College Of Engineering And I.T.,IMR Campus,Jalgaon 425001     (+91) 257 2242025

Welcome to  Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Skills Development Centre "Providing foundation for excellence"

Inspired by the VISION 2020 of Late. President of India and the Missile Man, Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, our Khandesh College Education Society, Jalgaon, Maharashtra has established a unique Skill Development Initiative (SDI) in the year 2016 to effectively cater with the ever rising demand of the skilled human resources in the priority skill sectors at local, regional and global levels.

DKSDC understands that aspiration levels of the youth and the marketplace requirements of corporate skills are constantly evolving, and to keep up with these changes DK-SDC constantly works towards developing industry sandwiched training modules and curriculum in priority skill sectors ensuring that the content is market oriented and the skills imparted are financially remunerative.  view more

DKSDC  Principles

As a reputed organization in skill development arena, DKSDC will actively pursue its activities through the exercise of fair and legal framework. As a organization, DKSDC will also continue to play its part in the societal growth, while always striving to enrich the society within which it operates. In order to achieve all the elements of the aforementioned goal, DKSDC is committed to the following six basic principles of operations.

  • Conduct Fair and Open Education Activities
  • Develop a Well Connected Organization
  • Create New Value Through Responsive Vision
  • Respect and Encourage Individuality and Originality
  • Promote Good Governance
  • Safeguard Ecological and Cultural Diversity

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