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Welding Assistant

Assistant MMAW welder

SECTOR: Capital Goods


Machine Tools, Dies, Moulds and Press Tools,

Plastics Manufacturing Machinery,

Textile Manufacturing Machinery,

Process Plant Machinery,

Electrical and Power Machinery,

OCCUPATION: Welding and Cutting


India presently consumes about 50 million tons of steel every year, most of which is used for fabrication and construction activities. Steel is used for creating infrastructure – roads, bridges etc., for building power plants, petro-chemical and refinery complexes, for railways rolling stock and track, manufacturing ships, locomotives and cars etc. A major process used in fabrication is welding. The process is used in fabricating everything we see around us like buildings, bridges, flyover, cars, locomotives & coaches, ships, airplanes, general machineries, consumer durables and defense equipment. Due to the corresponding growth in welding activities, there is a great demand for qualified and knowledgeable welders. Welding is a widely used skill offering opportunities for careers in the fabrication and construction industries as well as for self employment in small scale enterprises

An assistant to the operator and the entire team, the Welding Assistant supports peripheral activities/ non-core activities in the manufacturing process. He performs small time routine jobs like cleaning, washing, fetching and holding tool for the operators, loading and unloading of work pieces on the welding assembly, bringing raw material and spare parts from the stores and similar tasks. He possesses basic understanding of welding and housekeeping processes and safety orientation 

Brief Job Description:

Perform manual metal arc welding (MMAW) welding also known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) for producing fillet and groove welds on carbon and low alloy steels in 1G/1F and 2G/2F welding positions as per specific instructions given.

Perform these above mentioned operations as per instructions given. The correct equipment, raw materials and consumables will be provided and the candidate must know how to use the same in a safe manner following practices that ensure safety for self, others and the work environment and and assess weld quality through visual inspection.

Personal Attributes:

Basic communication, numerical and computational abilities. Openness to learning, ability to plan and organize own work and identify and solve problems in the course of working. Understanding the need to take initiative, manage self and work to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

Career Progression

Welding Assistant → Welder → Supervisor

What are the Common Designations in various Industries 

Welding Helper, Assistant Welder