Khandesh College Education Society's
Dr. Kalam Skill Development Centre
C/O. KCE'S College Of Engineering And Information Technology, Jalgaon.
  Behind DIC, NH-6, College Of Engineering And I.T.,IMR Campus,Jalgaon 425001     (+91) 257 2242025
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DKSDC is Well-Equipped With

  1. Expert and experienced faculty instructors
  2. Training hall with Audio Visual facilities
  3. Well equipped computer laboratories and latest software
  4. Placement Assistance Cell
  5. Counselling room and administrative area
  6. Visitors' lounge
  7. Computer-aided teaching facilities
  8. Rich library
  9. English Communication Laboratory
  10. Entrepreneurship Development Cell
  11. Wi-Fi campus

Infrastructure details of Dr. Kalam Skill Development Centre

Currently, KCES’s Dr. Kalam Skill Development Centre (DKSDC) operates out of its engineering college campus. It is set up over 5 acres of land with educational and sports facilities. The engineering college has more than 50000 sq. ft. covered area, dedicated to engineering education, governed by AICTE and affiliated by North Maharashtra University & Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University.

At present DKSDC is accommodated in spare area of the engineering college. It has 3000 sq. ft. area, which is utilized for imparting skill training to welders, fitters & electricians. Khandesh College Education Society, having 22 institutions on the campus, has spare covered areas, at disposal to be utilized for all future expansions. Over a period of time, DKSDC will have access to the spare area, for expansions. KCES also has separate hostels for boys and girls. DKSDC being part of KCES, extends this hostel facility to its outstation candidates, at extremely reasonable charge. Candidates of DKSDC have access to huge collection of over 20000 books in KCES’s libraries.

KCES’s legacy of more than 7 decades is a pillar of DKSDC. It has access to KCES’s  teaching and non-teaching talent of 22 institutions, along with training infrastructure and facilities. 

DKSDC currently occupies following infrastructure :

  1. Classrooms : Area 700 sq. ft. – 4 nos.
  2. Workshop : Area 1500 sq. ft. – 1 nos.
  3. Workshop : Area 1700 sq. ft. – 1 no.

DKSDC is undertaking Skill training programs for Welders, Fitters, Turners, ICT technicians and Marketing associates. Batch-wise capacities as per following table :

Trade                                                        Capacity

Assistant Welder                                     20 candidates

Fabrication Fitter                                     25 candidates

Conventional Turner                              20 candidates

Assistant Electrician                              25 candidates

DKSDC is equipped with latest equipment and tools, required to impart training for each of these trades.

DKSDC is governed by documented policies such as HR policy, IT policy, SOP for training, Compliance policy, health and safety policy. Every aspect of skill development activity is governed by these policies.

No QP Equipment Name (Operational) Qty Make Technical Specifications Avg age  Yrs Key Purpose of Equipment in Training (In 1-2 lines only)
CSC/Q0303 : Fitter - Fabrication 
1 CSC/Q0303 Chop-saw Machine 1 no. Bosch 12” Chop-saw machine 0 Cutting steel plates
2 CSC/Q0303 Large angle grinder 1 no. Bosch 7” hand grinder 0 Grinding steel
3 CSC/Q0303 Large angle grinder 1 no. Bosch 4” hand grinder 0 Grinding steel
4 CSC/Q0303 Vernier Caliper 5 nos. China 12” 0-300 Vernier 0 Micro measurement
5 CSC/Q0303 Micrometer  5 nos. China 0-25 micrometer 0 Micro measurement
6 CSC/Q0303 Measuring tapes – 3 m 5 nos. Easilok 3 m measuring tape 0 Measurement
7 CSC/Q0303 Measuring tapes – 5 m 5 nos. Easilok 5 m measuring tape 0 Measurement
8 CSC/Q0303 Hammer set 2 nos. Taparia Ball, cross hammer – 400 gms, 800 gms   0 Shaping and fixing
9 CSC/Q0303 Set of files 18 nos. JK Rough, smooth, round, buster 0 Filing & Finishing
10 CSC/Q0303 Spring calliper 6 nos. Local 150 mm calliper 0 Measurement
11 CSC/Q0303 Hacksaw frames 12” 18 nos. Local 12” hacksaw frames 0 Cutting steel
12 CSC/Q0303 C-Clamp set 2 nos. Local 6” C- clamp set 0 Gripping plates
13 CSC/Q0303 Double ended spanner set 2 nos. Taparia Double-ended spanners of various sizes   0 Tightening nut bolt assemblies of various sizes
14 CSC/Q0303 Ring spanner set 2 no Taparia Ring spanner set of various 0 Tightening nut bolt assemblies of various sizes
15 CSC/Q0303 Hand tap set 2 no Taparia Hand tap set with accessories 0 Threading
16 CSC/Q0303 Tap Wrench 2 no. Taparia Hand tap wrench 0 Threading
17 CSC/Q0303 Allen key set 2 nos. Taparia Allen key set 0 Allen key
18 CSC/Q0303 Adjustable spanner 3 nos. Taparia 12” adjustable spanner 0 Tightening bolts,nuts
19 CSC/Q0303 Combination pliers 3 nos. Taparia 6” combination plier 0 Tightening & cutting w
20 CSC/Q0303 Side cutting pliers 2 nos. Taparia 6” side cutting pliers 0 Cutting thin plates
21 CSC/Q0303 Nose pliers 2 nos. Taparia 6” long nose pliers 0 Gripping and 
22 CSC/Q0303 Pipe Wrench set 1 no. Taparia 1” Pipe Wrench set 0 Threading pipes
23 CSC/Q0303 Needle file set 1 no. JK Small files of various types 0 Finishing surfaces
24 CSC/Q0303 Hacksaw blades 100 nos. Taparia 12” hacksaw blades 0 Consumable for
Cutting steel parts
25 CSC/Q0303 Grinding wheels 24 nos. Taparia 4” & 7” grinding wheels  0 Grinding consumable
26 CSC/Q0303 Spirit level 2 nos. Taparia 6” spirit levels 0 Checking levelling of surfaces 
27 CSC/Q0303 Work Benches 4 nos. Local Steel workbenches holding vices 0 Marking and fitting work 
28 CSC/Q0303 Bench Vices 18 nos. Paul 6” heavy duty bench vices 0 Filing, cutting, fitting work
29 CSC/Q0303 Bench Grinder 1 no. Local 6” bench grinder 5 Grinding steel parts
30 CSC/Q0303 Bench Drilling Machine 1 no. Local 19 mm bench drilling machines 5 Drilling
31 CSC/Q0303 Portable drilling machine kit 1 no. Bosch Concrete drilling set with all types of bits 0 Drilling
32 CSC/Q0303 Degree Protector 5 nos. Local Degree protector 0 Measuring degree of working pieces 
33 CSC/Q0303 Grinding goggles 12 nos. Local Goggles used while grinding operation 0 Personal protection
34 CSC/Q0303 Hand gloves 12 nos. Local Swede leather hand gloves 0 Personal protection
35 CSC/Q0303 Jobber drill set 1 no. Local Portable drilling machine 0 Drilling 
36 CSC/Q0303 Right Angle sets- 4”, 6”,8”, 12” 8 nos. Local Right angles of various sizes 0 Measuring right angles of parts
37 CSC/Q0303 Tee, Elbow, Reducers,Hex Nipples 1 Set Local Accessories used in piping assembly 0 Piping assembly
38 CSC/Q0303 Shearing Machine 1 no. Local 10” heavy duty shearing machine 0 Cutting thin steel plates
39 CSC/Q0303 Valves – Ball, NR, Butterfly 1 set Local Set of 1” valves for used in piping 0 Valves used in piping systems
40 CSC/Q0303 Scribers 12 nos. Local 4” scribers 0 Marking on steel
41 CSC/Q0303 Screwdriver Sets 4 nos. Taparia Screwdriver set with tester 0 Fixing