Khandesh College Education Society's
Dr. Kalam Skill Development Centre
C/O. KCE'S College Of Engineering And Information Technology, Jalgaon.
  Behind DIC, NH-6, College Of Engineering And I.T.,IMR Campus,Jalgaon 425001     (+91) 257 2242025

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Registration with DKSDC is necessary for all the candidates before any consideration.
  • 2. DKSDC do not guarantee of arranging interview/providing a job within a specified period. Short-listing & calling a candidate for interview is solely ot the discretion of DKSDC.
  • 3. If any candidate is selected by our references and recommendations, he/she has to inform and endorse a copy of the appointment letter immediately to us for our record.
  • 4. In case of selection of the candidates, Our Recruitment Service Charges shall be :
    • Case I- Candidate need not to pay any amount as our service charges in case of the company where he is placed is agreed with our terms of business & will pay our service charges.
    • Case II- The candidate will pay 50% of the gross first month salary as our service charges in case of the Company where he is placed is not agreed with our terms of business & not paying our service charges.
    • (Note: Candidate would be informed in advance whether the company is paying our service charges or not)
  • 6. In case the candidate do not comply or deposit the said half month's gross salary to DKSDC within one month of the joining date then :
    • DKSDC is free to pursue legal court proceeding against the candidate for breach of contract.
    • DKSDC will take action in accordance with the laws of India as applicable
  • 7. Candidate will not be considered for any vacancy in future :
    • If the candidate fails twice to attend the interviews, arranged by DKSDC.
    • If the candidate discloses the name of the vacancy/company name to anybody else for which he/she has been sent through DKSDC.
  • 8. If DKSDC arranges any interview, then selected candidate will be liable to pay the said service charges if he/she joins the same job within three month.
  • 9. If a candidate is selected for a job through DKSDC he/she will be solely the employee of the concerning organization and DKSDC will be not responsible for any legal/dispute or any other matter between the candidate and the organization.
  • 10. The Registration is valid up to one year only from the date of Registration.
  • 11. All subject to Jalgaon jurisdiction.


Candidate will have to appear for the interview at the given employers office / place of interview in time with his / her own expenses.

The Interview Calls / arranging the interview by us is not any guarantee/commitment of job. Candidates will seek the job on their own merit and skills set.

Our placement service does not take a guarantee of getting desired job. We just facilitate the candidate to get the proper job.

The right to select or reject any candidate is reserved with the related company.

Take a note that, our registered office is KCES’s Dr. Kalam Skill Development Centre, C/o. KCES’s College of Engineering & IT, Behind DIC, Near IMR, Off. NH-6, Jalgaon – 425002. We don’t have any other branch in India.

We have not authorized any Individuals, Institute or organization to communicate anything on our behalf & conduct/organize any such event (Walk IN, Job Fair) Interviews on our behalf in order to invite or place candidates for job.

We are not involved with Individuals/Company in terms of benefits directly or indirectly, we follow ethical practice within organisation & outside of organisation.

We are a facilitator between the employers & candidates. Employers are those, who are willing to employ suitable candidate as per their requirements & on the their terms of employment. We are not the agent & does not represent any organisation directly or indirectly.

We clearly mention here that our placement service has neither appointed nor authorized any person to be our rightful agent.

The candidates and all other concerned persons are requested to deal very diligently, cautiously. To take all the necessary preventions to protect themselves from all such fraudulent practices and / or attempt to cheat and defraud We shall not be responsible for any unlawful utilization or misrepresentation of any kind, of our name or goodwill by any person, at any place, in geographical location of India or outside of India.

If any person or group of persons is/are found to be involved or initiating any wrong practice in this regard as mentioned above, shall be liable for the appropriate legal action by us. We conduct very fair and impartial practice of helping the unemployed person or candidates willing to seek the jobs.

Online registration and receiving of resume/Bio Data/ Curriculum vitae/post mail will be considered as registration in DKSDC. In such case candidate/Student / Job seeker/Trainee are considered having agreed to pay our consultation fees and accepted our terms and conditions as applicable and understand the disclaimer.

Candidates are requested to understand their job profile, employer details & terms of employment, prior to joining the employer. DKSDC is not responsible for deviation from job profile or change of job role, after candidate successfully joins the organization.

It is the duty of the candidate to study the business, working environment and any such relevant details of their prospective employer, along with terms of employment and facilities offered by the Prospective employer.

No complaint or legal liability regarding the employer or the prospective company shall be entertained by us from any candidate or from any person in the further context.

At the time of interview, we charge only the Interview Processing Fees (IPF) to the candidate which is non-refundable in any situation & candidate is agreed on this beforehand to get facilitate from our placement agencies.

We do not suggest/recommend/force any candidate to join any particular company/organization. Candidates should satisfy themselves in every respect before joining the respective employer. We are just a mediator and an independent service provider.

We are not responsible for any wrong doings, misbehaviour, cheating, fraud, misrepresentation or any legal action initiated by candidate & in such circumstances, DKSDC will not be liable for any consequences arising thereof. The professional fees received by us, will not be returned.

We are not responsible for incomplete documentation related to past employments of candidate, .e.g. resignation letter, reliving letter, experience letter, salary slips, PF details, etc.. It is a responsibility of the employer to demand and verify all such documents from candidate. We do not provide boarding, lunch or local transportation facility to outstation or even to local candidates. Candidates shall come, stay, appear for interview and go back to their destinations at their own cost and expenses.

Candidate will have to pay necessary charges or consultation fees to DKSDC after his final selection and get the clearance certificate before joining the job. This consultation charges or fees is non refundable, in any situation. This consultation charges / fees is between candidates and DKSDC only. The rejected candidates will not be issued any written communication.

Our placement service is subject to Jalgaon jurisdiction only.